Garden Insect Control Tips

No matter what size of a garden you have, garden insect control is going to be one of your top priorities. There are several steps you can take when it comes to garden insect control. Some of them are going to be using an insecticide or pesticide of some sort. Other steps are just going to be some manual labor. Some of those steps are keeping your plants trimmed back and pruned properly. Keeping a plant from overgrowth will not only help your plant produce more flowers, fruits or vegetables, it will also help ward of some harmful insects. Proper inspection of the plants you are pruning will also help you keep your eyes on your plants growth. This will also help you notice early on if there is any disease that is trying to attack your plant. Keep all debris clear in your garden and yard. This not only makes it more visually attractive, but it makes it less attractive to many other harmful insects. Keeping your yard free of debris will also help with any roach control and spider control issues you may have. It will also aid in rodent control, not only in your yard, but in your home as well.

Another step you can take is keeping your soil properly irrigated. Your soil can attract some unwanted pests if it is too soggy or too dry. Having either types of soil can also be detrimental to many plants. This will also make them more susceptible to harmful insects and disease. Red spider mites would be an example of a harmful insect that likes very dry soil, as the centipede prefers soggier conditions. Keeping your soil with the proper amount of water will help deter some of these pests and help with garden insect control. Applying Dominion 2L to your soil will also help rid your garden of any harmful soil inhabitants.

Sometimes, no matter how much you prune, watch your watering, or keep debris out of your garden, you still get some pesky pests. They can vary from aphids, slugs, a multitude of beetles, and various worms. There are some beneficial insects that you want visiting your garden. There are many plants you can plant to attract them and many of them are natural enemies of the harmful insects. Lady Beetles, also known as Lady Bugs, are a great defense against aphids, as well as mealybugs and mites. Assassin Bugs are a great defense against caterpillars and several species of beetles. Praying Mantis are also a very beneficial type of garden bug. They don’t care about the size of the bug they go after, so they are especially helpful to have around for garden insect control.

Beneficial insects aside, sometimes you have to use an insecticide or pesticide to aid you in your garden insect control. You may choose to use an earth friendly insecticide or a synthetic insecticide. There are some great do it yourself pest control options available and you shouldn’t feel intimidated using them. If you read and follow all the posted directions, you not only ensure your safety while applying the product, you ensure that it will work effectively.