Humane Mouse Trap

A humane mouse trap can put an end to rodent control problems without killing the small intruder. If you’ve noticed any evidence of little pesky visitors, you’re probably ready to figure out what they are, and the course of action for getting rid of them.  There are different types of mousetraps on the market, and some of them are able to collect the rodent without killing it.  This type is called a humane mouse trap. Some other types are designed to bait the mouse to the trap, usually with some sort of food like cheese or peanut butter, and then once the spring is sprung, the trap breaks the mouse’s neck.

There are also glue traps, which can be set out either baited or un-baited.  Baiting them may draw mice to them more quickly, but even an un-baited glue trap will catch a mouse if the trap is placed in its path.  If you’re looking for a humane mouse trap, there’s a good chance you aren’t going to want to deal with the glue traps.  While it’s possible to remove the mouse from the trap and the glue from the mouse, this may be more hands-on than you’d like experience when dealing with your rodent control problem.  Vegetable oil can help dissolve the glue and you can then release the mouse.  However, mice can sometimes injure themselves very badly while trying to escape a glue type of trap if you won’t be home to monitor them regularly.

Most likely, a humane mouse trap won’t use the glue boards as part of the trap. Some can be sold and used either way, but they will tell you not to use the boards if you want to use the trap as a humane mouse trap.  More likely it will be some sort of enclosed box, where the mouse entering the box triggers a spring loaded door to close behind it.  This way the mouse can’t get back out of the trap, but there’s no function of the trap designed to kill the mouse.  You can trap them to remove them from your house, and then release the animals into the wild.  Many of these types of traps are made for multiple uses as well, making them very cost effective as a bonus.

The types of traps mentioned are just some of the options available to the consumer. You can find them in nearly any local grocery store or hardware store. If you would like to buy a few more to have some on hand for future use, you may want to consider finding either a do it yourself pest control company or an online pest control store that will be able to sell you a larger quantity at a decent savings. You often will be able to save on the shipping costs as well. They will also have a large variety of different options for rodent pest control. Whether you choose to purchase a humane mouse trap or some type of poisonous bait station, the online store will have just what you need to get rid of these disease carrying rodents in a hurry.

No matter what the pests are or your preferred method of dealing with them, a reliable online pest control company or a local do it yourself pesticide store can help you rid your premises of uninvited guests. Call them for help with spider control, ant control, bee contrl, flea and termite control. They also have natural pesticides and humane traps available.