Mice Control & Mouse Traps

Ever heard the phrase as quiet as a mouse? It is because they are such small and sneaky pests that are very slender and about 1-3 inches long, excluding their tail. Their tail is as long as their head and body combined. The color of their fur varies, but it is usually a light gray or brown. So these tiny creatures are almost easily camouflaged. No wonder they are hard to catch. You need effective mice control to get rid of these pesky pets.

A mouse will eat just about anything, but they prefer cereal grains, seeds, and sweets. These tiny creatures have a love for sweets and carbs. No wonder they are so fast, they are loaded full of energy. They also require very little water and obtain most of their water needs from their food. If their living conditions are good (their water, food, and shelter) they can multiply rapidly. They sexually mature in two months and produce about eight litters in a one-year time span. Each litter contains about 4 to 7 pups. House mice in the city spend nearly their entire lives inside building. A rural mouse may not only live inside, but be found in foundations, shrubbery, weeds, crawl spaces, basements, and garages. Mice are nibblers, but have two main meal times, just before dawn, and at dusk. They are most active at night, but can be seen occasionally during day hours.

To maintain your mice control, first investigate to find your problem. Their droppings (feces) are about 1/8- ¼ inch long and are rod shaped. If you have rodent activity, these droppings will be everywhere that the mice have been. You can also look for gnaw marks. Many times they gnaw small clean holes about 1- ½ inches in diameter. In a kitchen you will find gnawing damage on the corner of boxes and paper, shredded for their nest. They will also gnaw at bar soaps.

If you determine that you do have a mice problem, then mice control is essential. A mouse can squeeze through openings slightly larger than ¼ inch across, which makes most homes quite vulnerable. You need to eliminate all openings. Keep all food that is stored in airtight containers that are mouse proof.

There are a few options that you can use for your mice control. You can use mouse bait in conjunction with mouse traps as a highly effective method. Some of these traps will catch the mouse in order to allow you to release them later, or you can use a trap method that will eliminate them as well. It depends on the type of remedy you feel comfortable with using in your home. You can also use a bait station with poison as your method of elimination. There are various types of poison that can be used to kill the mice on the spot or have them die later after consuming the poison.

Decide with which type of mice control method that you think is appropriate for your situation and eliminate these nasty critters from your premise, and keep them away for good.