Mice Poison

Mice poison is one effective treatment for your rodent control problem.  If you have any of these unwelcome pests in your home, you will have to decide on your plan to get rid of the mice.  If you just want to remove them from the house but not kill them, you can look into the humane mouse traps.  These don’t kill the mice when they catch them, but they add another step to dealing with the mice.  You have to let them back into the wild far enough away from the house to discourage them from returning to your home.  You might decide you’d rather deal with mice traps or mice poison instead of having to deal with taking the mice somewhere else, and then wondering if they’re going to find their way back bringing destruction and disease with them.  Other styles of traps may electrocute the rodent or kill it by breaking its neck as the snap traps do.

Mice poison comes in different shapes and sizes, and can be used along with a trap, or alone.  It might have different active ingredients, one of which may be bromadiolone found in Contrac All Weather Blox.  If you have a heavy infestation of the mice, your rodent control plan might see best success by rotating through different poisons with different active ingredients. Your local pest control company will be able to tell you which poison

You’ll want to be especially careful if you choose to use mice poison. Some of the other options you could choose to work with might present less of a concern if kids or pets get too curious.  Poisons shouldn’t be used in places where the pets or kids might be able to get to them, since it could make them sick or cause serious injury to them.   If you must treat an area for the mice in places where the rest of the family and the pets can’t avoid, you’ll want to look into the options that are safer for them such as snap traps or locking bait stationsSnap traps might still be an option, if you can place them in such a way that they are accessible for the mice, but not to the pets or kids.  Humane traps might be your best bet if you have those considerations to keep in mind.

If you don’t have pets, and the only kids in the house are old enough to stay away from the traps, then you should be able to choose from any of these options more readily.  Mice poison might be the best choice for your home treatment plan.  There are faster-acting and the less humane slower-acting formulations.   Whichever you pick, you’re going to want to take great care to repair any easy access into the walls that you can see.  Any hole that you know of needs to be patched or filled in, as this will keep the mice from retreating there. If the mice die in the walls, your mouse issues may become an even bigger pain, so take care to check the walls thoroughly.

Once you’ve decided on the trap or poison you plan to use in your rodent control program, you need to be sure to follow up with it.  Even after you think you’ve caught all the mice you know about, you might still want to leave some traps baited in safe places around the house, just in case.  This will ensure that you catch all the mice in your house and also help prevent any new problems in the future. Don’t forget to use the resources available at your local do it yourself pest control company for all of your pest control problems–they can help you with flea control, roach control, and even snake and critter repellents, too!