Rodent Bait

Rodent bait in rat bait stations can be your best friend when you have a mouse or rat problem. By definition, rodents are animals that have two continuously growing incisor teeth. These teeth are located on the upper and the lower jaw. The incisors are shortened due to the rodents continual gnawing, thus the need for continual growing.  Not only are these teeth needed for chewing their food, they are also a defense mechanism.  Much of this knowledge is used in the production of rodent bait that can be found on the market today.

The place to begin is at the beginning with rodent pest control basics: cleaning up inside and out.  Look all around your home or business and see if there are any trash piles or lawn debris that could give them cover. Do you find droppings near your pet’s food dishes?  Have you found evidence of them in your pantry or cupboards? Take a good look around your home to see where they are coming in.  Rats and mice alike will find even the smallest of openings or cracks to get in to your home.  The second step on the way to rodent control is to take preventative measures by looking under all of your sinks.  Determine there are no gaps between the pipe coming into your home, and the wall. If there are, fill them in immediately.  Then inspect the exterior of your home. Check for any cracks that may seem accessible to any rodents and seal those cracks. Also, check where any electrical pipes, sewer pipes, and vents are and make sure they are all properly sealed.

Rodents tend to set move in wherever they can find plenty of food and water.  Even though you may find that the predominant rodent problem is centrally located in your yard, garage, or outbuilding, it is still necessary to look around your home in the areas described above and take the preventative measures needed. Clean up any wood or debris piles, making sure they are neatly stacked and off of the ground approximately eighteen inches. Keep any dead vegetation cleaned up and properly disposed of. All garbage should be in their proper receptacles with the lids securely closed.  If you have a garden, make sure you remove all fruit and vegetables after they ripen. If your garage or outbuilding is in disarray, rodent bait and your other rodent control products cannot be completely effective. These areas will need to be cleaned up to the best of your ability, before you begin to trap or eradicate them.

Once you have cleaned up and secured any possible entry points to your home, you can place the rodent bait and rattraps all through the affected areas.  If you prefer a humane rat trap, try using a rat bait station and some Provoke Rat Attractant, or Provoke Mouse Attractant. These products are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, and  work well in conjunction with any rat trap. For those who prefer to exterminate the vermin, you might try Contrac Blox as bait. It is weather-proof and ideal for use in locking rodent bait stations.

What kind of pest control disaster you have, a do it yourself pest control company will be able to help—from rodents and roaches to lawn pest control.