Rodent Pest Control Basics

Fast and effective rodent pest control is a necessity when you see the first sign of these invasive pests. Rats and mice are common household pests. It’s not one that anyone likes to deal with, especially on a do it yourself pest control level. It is, however, very easy to properly use rodent pest control products. Reading the manufacturers labels and following the directions properly will ensure not only your safety in using the product, but that the product will be effective.

Even though most rodent pest control products eliminate rats and mice collectively, there are differences between the two. First, the most common rodents that we encounter here in the United States are the Norway Rat, Roof Rats, House Mice, and Deer Mice.  And even as you read the words “the most common”, it goes to show that there are many more that are less common that we still may have an encounter with.

Rats are a medium sized rodent, with their bodies being between 9-11 inches long, not including the tail. Norway Rats are a grayish-brown color and are about 13-17 inches including their tail. Roof Rats are more slender than the Norway Rat. They are brown or black in color and their tails are longer than their body. Rats of all types are commonly associated with disease. They carry on their bodies, fleas, ticks and lice, let alone being very unhygienic. They are more famously known for carrying the bubonic plague.

Mice are considered small sized rodents, with their bodies being between 3-4 inches, not including their tail length. They also carry disease, but since they will go after food in your pantry, they are more commonly known for food contamination. House mice are a light gray color with their total length, including tail, being between 5-7 inches. Deer mice are a tan or brown color with white on their paws and underside. Their total length is about the same as the House mouse.

So, now that we know probably more than we’ve ever wanted to know about rats and mice, what are some rodent pest control products that are available on the market to get rid of them?  If you are looking for a humane way to eliminate yourself of your rodent problem, try using Tin Cat Multi-Mouse Catcher. It can hold up to thirty mice at a time, and it is considered to be a humane and clean way to rid you of your rodent control issue.

If you live in a wet climate, then using Ditrac All Weather Blox may be a good option for you. You can use it indoors or outdoors. It works great on both rats and mice and can also be used in all different types of bait stations for maximum usability.  Since it is mold and moisture resistant, you can feel confident using it any time of the year.

One last rodent pest control option to look at is the Final BLOX. Just the name sounds deadly. It is also an all-weather product to use on both rats and mice. It is considered one of the strongest rodent control products on the market. Even though it can be used for both rats and mice, this product works extremely well on mice infestations. A good online pest control company can offer you expertise and tips on handling your pests as well as professional quality pest control products and application equipment.