Rodent Traps

You may find yourself in need of rodent traps for a variety of reasons.  You may have some furry creatures roaming your halls at night, or a pesky critter invading your garden. Whatever the circumstances, knowing what type of rodent control problem you have will assist you in the steps that need to be taken to get rid of them.

The definition of the term rodent is a classification of a mammal having two constantly growing incisors in their upper and lower jaw.  These incisors are used to help them obtain food.  They are also used as a defense mechanism.  The rodents that we are most familiar with are mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, beavers, voles and guinea pigs.

Most people know that rats carry all kinds of diseases, fleas, lice, and even ticks. They can also cause structural damage by their gnawing on wooden structures. Mice are a menace to any food you may have stored in your cabinets or pantry.  If food is not properly stored, they will use those incisor teeth to gnaw through a cardboard box or even a plastic bag to access your food. Gophers and voles alike can cause damage to water pipes for a sprinkler system, and uproot any living vegetation. Having good working rodent traps on hand when any of these pests make an appearance can give you some much needed peace of mind.

An online pest control company can provide you with all the professional quality pest control products you need from the comfort of your home. If you are encountering some of these pesky pests in your garden, then try using the Snap-E Rat Trap (pictured). Even though it is labeled as a rat trap, it works well on gophers, chipmunks, squirrels, and any of the larger mammals you may encounter. Its design makes it so that you never have to touch the trapped rodent. It is designed using materials that make it easy to clean and reuse. You could look at purchasing these types of rodent traps as an investment, rather than a single use purchase. You would also want to consider purchasing more than one. If you have ever had a gopher in your yard, you already know how elusive they can be. Having a few in your stock pile can give you more ammunition against these garden pests.

If you are looking for rodent traps that are chemical free, you should consider purchasing the Raptor Rat Trap. Place this trap in the rat’s pathway, along walls, and in corners, and it is sure to get caught. This trap is engineered to be strapped to a beam or pipe, in case that is where their entry point into your home is. This trap can also be used in some of the tamper-resistant bait stations as well, for added versatility.

If you are dealing with a mice infestation, you may want to consider getting a Tin Cat Multi-Mouse Catcher. These types of rodent traps are considered to be one of the more humane ways to trap a mouse. It can also hold up to thirty mice at a time, so your mice problem should be eradicated fairly quickly.  A benefit to using this product is that it will catch the mice and you never have to see them or touch them. The trap is either disposable or reusable, whichever you prefer.

A helpful Do It Yourself Pest Control company is worth its weight in gold for recommendations, tips, and professional quality rodent control products. From mosquito control to errant bee hives, they can help you with all ofyour pest control needs.