The Three Main Issues Posed by Rat Intruders

Pests are unsightly. They freak us out.  They make lots of noise at night and eat our food. But all these things are mere day-to-day nuisances compared to the real concerns that home invaders can cause – particularly, rats. They’re not just creepy crawlers, they’re actually hugely harmful when it comes to our living areas. If at first you thought it was an issue you could put up with, think again: here are the three main reasons you need rat poison, immediately.


Health Issues.

If a rat or rats get into your home or business location, the unfortunate (and, yes, disgusting) truth is that they are going to be urinating and defecating inside. For this reason, they play a huge role in spreading a number of different pathogens in humans – we end up in such close proximity with them and whatever they leave behind.


Studies have shown that rats carry a shockingly high number of diseases and disease-causing organisms. 63% of rats found on farms, for example, carry cryptosporidiosis, an intestinal disease which results in diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and sometimes worse. 35% carry toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease which can cause birth defects in pregnant humans and animals. They also can carry leptospirosis, listeriosis, and more.


Rats are an economic detriment to your home or business because any foodstuffs they come near can be considered contaminated. They produce a staggering amount of urine and droppings each day, which are often difficult to detect. To avoid disease, it’s important to get rid of food that could have potentially come in contact with rats or their droppings – a wastage which adds up.

Property Damage.

These vermin have been known to gnaw on nearly anything – wood, copper, electrical cables, and anything in between. This can not only compromise the structural foundation of a building over time, but may even cause electrical fires and damage piping. It’s better to catch them early before there are more rats – and more damage – than you can manage.


Depending on your situation, there are different products you might use to solve your issue, such as Contrac Blox and Protecta Sidekick Bait Station. Browse our rodent control page for more tips.