What Is Mouse Control

Mouse control , which is really mice control , is not a problem most people want to have to deal with.  Unfortunately, and all too often, it is an issue that is not uncommon.  Your initial reaction might be horror and repulsion at the first encounter with one of these rodents.  So now it is time to have a plan of action to get rid of these unwanted and destructive rodent pest.

If the state of the house is an issue, you will first want to address that.  Another area you will want to check is your basement and the attic, if you have either.  Garages and outer buildings are good homes for mice as well.  Anything that provides them with ample cover, and is soft and warm, will be a possibility.  Go through any boxes of old papers or books stored anywhere in your home.   You will want to take special care checking around those areas for any evidence of droppings.  If you find any, dispose of whatever has been soiled beyond sterilizing. This is necessary to keep you and your family healthy, as they are capable of transmitting dangerous diseases to humans. Anything you want to store should be put inside a plastic bin with a tight fitting lid.

Make sure that all of your pantry foods are stored in plastic containers to take away any enticing smells for any rodents. Look under your sinks from time to time, fixing any leaks as soon as you see them. You don’t want to give them any reason to take up residence with you.  These steps will help you in keeping the infestation from returning after have completed your mouse control procedure.

When looking to choose the right method of mouse control you will find that most people look to options such as traps or poison.  By doing a little research, you will be able to decide which pest control method would work best in your situation.  There are several options available, and it will ultimately be which type you feel comfortable using.  Baited traps are one option.  You simply bait it with some sort of treat that will entice them.  Although the typical television cartoon might show the traps being baited with cheese, mice actually tend to prefer peanut butter, and even chocolate.  The bait will attract the mouse, and when it attempts to take the morsel, the pressure applied to the spring will release and break the rodent’s neck.  These are a very common type of trapping system.  If you do not want to deal with handling the mice once the trap has killed them, there is another option.   You can use an enclosed trap with a poisonous morsel inside to kill them. Other mouse control options are humane mouse trap.  These will capture them without killing them.  They are better known as a catch and release style of snare.  Once they have been ensnared, you will need to take them far away from your property to release them.  This will ensure that they do not find their way back into your yard and home.

Once you have a mouse control plan set into place, you can buy the traps and rodent control products necessary to eliminate these pesky creatures at a Do It Yourself Pest Control store.  After determining the path they follow, you can begin baiting and setting the traps where they will cannot be missed, and ultimately eliminating the problem.