The Different Techniques For Killing Rats

Killing rats is not only a favorite pastime for cats, snakes, and large birds, it is often a necessary course of action to getting some peace and quiet when you are trying to sleep at night.  It is also a way to ensure that you and your family are not exposed to the diseases that these nasty little critters may be carrying.  By taking the following steps, you will be killing rats like the professionals and sleeping sound again in no time:
–    Be sure to inspect your property for potential entry points and block them off with a steel wire screen.
–    Make sure you seal up any possible entry points with an air-tight foam or sealant to prevent irresistible odors from escaping your home and attracting more rodents.
–    While rat poisons are an effective solution, they can take up to a month to work, so you may want to choose a faster working option.
–    Rodents that die by poison can be rather hard to find, and they will leave a very foul odor while they are decomposing if not quickly located.
–    Setting rat traps is the most effective and certainly the fastest way to eliminate any rodent infestation.
–    Use peanut butter or chocolate instead of cheese, this will give you better results as it is more appealing to rodents.
–    Make sure to place traps in locations where signs of activity are prevalent, such as areas you have seen droppings, claw marks, signs of chewing, footprints in dust, and otherwise obvious signs.
–    Place traps as close to walls as possible, and on top of attic beams or other places that these pests could use as a pathway in their daily activities.