How to Get Rid of Silverfish


What are they?  Silverfish are named because of their grey hue color. These harmless insects do not bite or spread diseases among humans. You can easily recognize them from their carrot-shaped bodies and a handful of antennae around their bodies.

These ugly insects move quickly and if they are left to hang out, they can easily ruin books, clothes, and even wallpapers. They like to come out during the night time and their favorite places to be are dark, damp areas including basements, your bathroom sink, and kitchen where food is found.

If you have found this insect inside your house, it’s easy to just spray them with an insect killer, but often this is not the right way to completely get rid them.  If you spot a lot of silverfish hanging around your home, it indicates you may have infestation happening around your home.

Exterminating silverfish in huge numbers with an insect-killing spray can be difficult as well as challenging if you do not choose the right approach.


If you opt-in using a pesticide to control the silverfish make sure you have done a thorough inspection of your home and identified places where silverfish are breeding.  Inspection and identification of silverfish are most critical and should be done with care to be able to effectively control the insect. If not done correctly, this will continue to bother you even using pesticides.

You have more chances of succeeding by using professional pesticides.  Fenvastar Ecocap, Demand CS and Suspend SC are some of those solutions that are easy to mix and apply.  They are odor free and safe to use inside your home. These chemicals are very effective in killing and getting rid of a silverfish infestation. Put the chemical in the sprayer and spray around cracks and crevices.

If the infested area is far from the reach of a sprayer, make sure to use an insecticide dust such as CimeXa Dust. It does a great job reaching very close to the infested area and making the area uninhabitable for them.

You can also try out trapping and baiting methods to control silverfish. Dekko Silverfish packs do an amazing job controlling an infestation of silverfish. Lay down the Dekko Silverfish packs around the areas you have noticed silverfish. Using glue boards as an insect trap is a good option for catching or trapping silverfish.

KEEPING THEM OUT: After getting rid of the silverfish either by using a pesticide or by using a nontoxic method, it is important that you do not provide silverfish a favorable environment inside your home. You do not want to see silverfish again after spending all that time and the money. Here is how you make keep silverfish out.

Removing Humidity: Silverfish love a damp and humid environment which helps them nourish and start breeding quickly. Make sure you do not have any pipe leakages inside your home. Regularly check your basement for damp areas and dry if you find any. Silverfish do not like cold temperatures so, this can also be another trick to keep them away.

Controlling What You Keep: Keep all your food items inside cool and dry cabinets which are away from the easy reach of silverfish. If you do not need any old clothing, food cardboard boxes, make sure to either burn or throw them away. Do not stuff your basement with all the old unnecessary items which attract pests inside your home.

In the end, if you find all of these methods too difficult and you think you are not up for the task, get help from a professional exterminator to get rid of silverfish in your home.

You can always just give us a call.  We will offer suggestions and recommendations that will help you eliminate and prevent Silverfish in your home.