Finding The Right Termite Pesticides

There are a number of termite pesticides available on the market today.  Which product you choose can be dependent on the specific type of pest you find yourself up against, as well as where the problem has occurred.  No matter what do it yourself pest control method you choose, termite infestations can be quite troublesome. It is important that whether used alone or in combination with another technique, a reputable termite pesticide should be used immediately, which can ultimately save your home and its contents.

These insects are quite small in size, and they are typically a light, pale white or brown color.  Generally, they all tend to live in the soil amongst their massive colonies, and they move upwards through your foundation into your home to seek out their food source of wood.  Some types thrive on high moisture environments, while other species can survive on a lower moisture level.  It is critical in the extermination phase to know specifically which species you are up against, and this will maximize your success rate.  A knowledgeable pest control specialist will have the ability to identify and recommend the appropriate termite pesticide that will aid you in your extermination process.

 It is important to first control these destructive insects, and then discourage any further expansion of their colony.  To do this you must remove the aspects of your environment that attracted them in the first place. A majority of the species are attracted to that high moisture level, as previously mentioned, so it is vital to eliminate any standing water, repair any leaks in and around pipes, keep gutters and downspouts clear, and redirect any water that affects the foundation.   It is also critical to seal up any small cracks and holes in your walls and foundation in order to get rid of their entry points in and around your home.  Any firewood, stumps, and loose wood debris around your house should be cleared. Any wood that may come in contact with your home should be checked, treated, and spaced away from your living structure.

Now that you’re ready to tackle theses destructive bugs directly you may want to consider using a combination of control methods to ensure your home will be fully protected.  Termite pesticides are chemicals that can be applied to the soil, foundation, and the wood itself, that they will pick it up when moving about and take it back to their colonies.  A trench is dug around the perimeter of your foundation and the insecticide is poured directly into the soil, which will provide a poisonous barrier.  This will not kill them on contact, instead it will slowly cause a lack of growth and can then be transmitted to others in the colony. Ultimately, the colony will be terminated.  The poison can also be applied to pieces of "bait" wood and placed in the common pathways they travel.   Fumigation is another option and is generally performed by a professional pest control company. The home is wrapped in a tarp and is pumped with gas to eliminate the pests quickly. The building must be vacant during this procedure.

Termite pesticides are very effective products in eradicating a rather overwhelming problem in your home. It is important to address the issue as soon as you become aware of it, and to stay vigilant until you are rid of the insects.