Get Rid of Daddy Long Legs

Daddy long legs mistakenly referred to as spiders but the fact is, they are neither spiders not they bite and spread venom.

They are also called harvestmen and these harmless arachnids can be very annoying and are easily recognized by their extremely thin hair-like 8 legs and their fragile bodies. Unlike, spiders they do not even spin webs. Daddy long legs love to prey small insects and are often on a hunt at night time. There are many stories around which explain the daddy long legs are deadly dangerous because they are poisonous.

In fact, their mouthparts are so tiny that they can not pierce human skin and are harmless. These annoying harvestmen like dark and damp places, due to which they are often found in our basements, garages or crawl spaces. Female daddy long legs lay eggs in the moist soil in the fall and their eggs hatch in the spring. The lifespan of daddy long legs ranges from 1 year to 2 years.

If you are a victim of these annoying daddy long legs, you need to follow removal and prevention plan before they raise in population.



As daddy longlegs like damp and moist places, it’s highly unlikely that they ever enter inside your living space because that area is often lacking dampness. They are often called cellar spiders because they are mostly found in dark damp basements. While they are not spiders controlling daddy longlegs is somewhat similar to how you control spiders in your home. With the right product, right time and correct approach you can wipe out this daddy longlegs from your home.

Step 1 – Cleanup:

In the first step, clean up the clutter inside your home by getting rid of unnecessary thing out of your home. Daddy longlegs, hide and find their place under the unused good. Clean your garages and basements periodically by making sure no moist area is left. Vacuum any webbing if you find in these areas.

Step 2 – Exclusion

Daddy longlegs is often found their way in from moist pipe leaks, broken windows or cracked doors. Seal any cracks and crevices around your home which could serve as an entry point of daddy longlegs. Another good option is to weather seal your entire home to be free of any insect.

Find a good insecticide containing Lambda Cyhalothrin and spray in the dark and damp places like garages and basements.

Step 3 – Tend your Garden

To keep daddy longlegs out of your home trim your plants and collect all the dead leaves and dump them far from your home. They cause damage to your garden with their larvae to need moist soil to develop. Once you have clean up your garden they would have nowhere to hide.